Adventures with Mark Vol10

Winter Mountaineering in the Scottish Highlands, fixing vans and celebrating Wales and Mums…

Adventures with Mark Vol8

Altitude and Ice Diving the UKs highest lake and First Aid training. This has been a busy week. It started with me teaching some first aid to a dentist where they were doing their annual Basic Life Support and Automatic External Defibrillator training course. Then a day was spent unpacking new kit from Northern DiverContinue reading “Adventures with Mark Vol8”

Adventures with Mark Vol7

Walking, Walking and More walking… Vlog of Mark Lewis Diver & Mountaineer for 15th to 21st Feb 2021.

Adventures with Mark Vol6

Ice Diving, Winter Storms, Family & Valentines!

Adventures with Mark Vol5

Ice Diving Academy opened briefly! And more home schooling and walking!

Adventures with Mark Vol4

Walking, Boat Repairs, Birthday, Dive Lift, Mountains…

Adventures with Mark Vol3

Lockdown fun, work, family and staying focused…

Vlog – 2020 Roundup

2020 was a strange year for most of us… I found that I had to reinvent myself a bit and start to focus on what was important to allow me to flourish physically and mentally, at the same time I had to earn an income, so I evolved my business to be diving and mountaineering…